WATER (AGUA) Cassandra de Santiago Delfín

Dilusion-Underwater-II_oleo-tela_120x180cm_2013 Get-Clean-I_oleo-tela_150x150cm_2010 GET-CLEAN-III_oleo-tela_150x150cm_2011 Get-Clean-II_oleo-tela_150x150cm_2010 Dilusion-Underwater-I_oleo-tela_160x150cm_2013 Dilusion-I_oleo-tela_180x90cm_2009 Dilusion-III_oleo-y-carbon-tela_170x85cm_2011 Drop-the-Bomb_oleo-tela_150x150cm_2009

Cassandra de Santiago Delfín was born in 1986 in Mexico City. She has a B.A. in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts (ENAP) of the UNAM and a concentration in Painting. She participated in the Seminar on Research and Contemporary Painting (2008-2010, ENAP-UNAM). Her solo shows include: “Identidades Silenciosas” (Silent Identities), Anahuac University, Mexico City (Mexico), 2012 and “Presencias” (Presence), Museum Casa Diego Rivera, Guanajuato (Mexico), 2011. Some of her collective exhibits are: “Creación en Movimiento” (Creation in Motion), Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, 2013; “Kaléidoscope” (Kaleidoscope), Alianza Francesa de Mexico, Mexico City, 2012; “El tiempo de la Pintura” (Painting’s time), Luis Nishizawa Gallery, ENAP, Mexico City, 2010. She was awarded the following: Selected for the “6th International Festival of Contemporary Art PENZA”, Russia, 2013; recipient of the “Program for Artistic Residence FONCA-CONACYT 2011”, in The Banff Center, Canada; Scholarship of the “Young Creators Program 2010-2011”, FONCA-CONACULTA; selected for the “V National Biennale of Visual Arts of Yucatan”, 2011; selected for “Artemergente National Biennale Monterrey 2010”; selected for the “Seventh Biennale of Painting and Engraving Alfredo Zalce”, Morelia, 2009; selected in the “XXXIX Young Art National Conference”, Aguascalientes, 2009; Honorable Mention in the “I Painting Biennale Pedro Coronel,” Zacatecas, 2008.

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