BURROW Animación de Federico Gutiérrez

The navel is a symbol of the omphalos, which for many cultures represents the center of the world. Many also locate the origin of the earth and of the universe in a navel; in the Hindu culture, the world emerges from the navel of god Vishnu. The navel also becomes the spiritual realm, as the omphalos was in Delphi, a religious center for the worship of Apollo, or the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment. The navel also represents the fundamental center of human, physical and spiritual microcosms. Cutting the umbilical cord indicates –symbolically– the beginning of the individual self.

*Burrow was released in Animasivo 2013:


Federico Gutiérrez studied Visual and Fine Arts at La Esmeralda (National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving) and later Classic Animation at the Vancouver Film School. He currently collaborates in different projects with the audiovisual union Viumasters in Mexico City and is starting the pre production stage of his next short film.

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