The healing dance of the sea Mari Sierra


As many contemporary women, we’ve had to tailor-made a spirituality that fits us, since the gods of the old patriarchal religions can’t deal with our emancipated curiosity. “ I like the idea of a maternal and inclusive divinity, connected with nature, synonymous with life, eternally evolving and reinventing itself. My goddess is an ocean and we are like water drops, but the ocean exists from the drops that creates the whole.” Says Elena Poniatovska in the magnificent biography she wrote about surrealist artist Leonora Carrington.


There were days when the discomfort was such that it impeded me from uniting my body, mind and soul. Absent from ideas, incapable of acting on them, I couldn’t move from the suffocating guilt of a failed marriage. I had no will power left, so the only thing I could do was to make an agreement with nature, the Californian Pacific Ocean, which can merely be observed from afar, due to its coldness.


– I screamed her name: “Maaaaarrr (ocean in Spanish). Don’t abandon me, help me find myself! Allow for my body and mind to be reunited with you. Maaaaar… Maaaa… Maaaaaariiiiii.”

I roared to myself. I felt my Self and my mother. On top of a rock with the waves breaking below my feet, I felt how the wild force of the ocean could also become calm and pure. I needed only to call her. To use my voice and invoke her. To honor her presence like a shelter and stage for rebirth.


So I offered her a dance. In that oscillation of waves I transform the anger into creative energy and the guilt into acceptance; I throw away my arrogance and vanity, and liberate from attachments when I dance in her waters. It was the beginning of the reconciliation with my essence.

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“There was no longer just a me, I dissolved in the immensity of the sacred sea. Smoothly, I entered a total emptiness, a profound ethereal grayness. No more sensation, nor spirit, nor individual consciousness; her presence is absolute and divine. I am one with the vastness of the sea goddess.”

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Here are some playlists to cheer up and dance some.

Let the sound take over you and seduce your body until it can’t stop moving around. No instructions or style required, only the delightful movement of one’s soul.


Let your feet move freely, flow with your hips, loose and open arms. Let the movements become the expression of your emotions.

FLOW al Mar

Mari Sierra is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores consciousness that inhabits the body. She believes in the healing properties of ritual dancing. She has studied and taught conscious movement, meditation, yoga and creative expression for 10 years. Take a look at her Instagram account to follow her paces around the world @maricarmensierra.

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