The ritual of food Abril Castillo Cabrera

Food covers the need of having rituals and helps us find temples to bond with others. In the ritual there’s repetition but also respect for a sacred action that strengthens that union. Food as a ritual and sacred act marks this series by a daily journey through the flavors and the table’s layout. Each drawing is a pin on a map of unrepeatable moments, to link a number of presents between objects, people and places. The ritual of eating is complemented with drawing. Drawing also links and composes a moment and a sacred place.

Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_sobremesa

#dibujoeneldesayuno (#drawingatbreakfast)

They are portraits of people with whom I’ve shared the first meal of the day (some were lunches or dinners), whether physically or in spirit (there are drawings from pictures taken from social media, but others were taken from reality at a real breakfast).


Fercilla, Idalia, Pávido, Richard, Santiago, Lucía, Jorge_E, Ceci, Yosh, Pixi, Marisol, Piedad, Carmelit, Marcia, Flavia, Estelí, Itzel, Tomás, Valeria_G, Papá, Pilla, Chiquita, Jairo, Majo, Paola, Rox, Jardón, Laurita, Diego, Valeria_C, Primavera, Liz, Sonia, Rocío, Claudia


Drawings of landscapes endlessly linked together through a Japanese notebook. All tables of the world and all the instants become one. People appear shaped as cups or glasses. Thus, every drink on the table represents the soul of those who shared the sobremesa, the most important time of the meal: when everything is digested, and the conversation and the bond between people make it impossible to leave giving a long-breath to the ritual.

Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_Comida_5 Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_Comida_4 Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_Comida_3 Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_Comida_2 Limulus_Abril_ Castillo_Comida_1

1. Sobremesa is a Spanish Word for the period of time after a meal when the people who ate together have long conversations with each other.


Abril Castillo Cabrera studied Hispanic Literature at UNAM. She edits, writes and illustrates. She has given lectures and workshops at universities, festivals and book fairs in Mexico, Spain and Colombia. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, France, United States, Venezuela, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates and Costa Rica. She is a member of Oink that edits Trotamundos (Globetrotters), a collection of travel guides to imaginary places. She is part of the organizing committee of Ilustradero, which SM Foundationand the FIL-Guadalajara organize the project: Latin America Illustrates, which manages the Latin American Illustration Catalog.

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