Elizabeth Builes and the primordial sensations


This is what water can bring. Water is the beginning of everything.

It is the first nourishment. It is the blood of the earth.

-Ryszard Kapuściński, Imperium.

Elizabeth Builes (Medellin, 1987) is a Colombian illustrator who performs successfully in both editorial and scientific illustration, and who often plunges into the sea, rivers, and pools. She is one of those enlightened ones, who have experienced the feeling of wholeness given by the water whenever we return to it.

In the following illustrations of Builes something of that fullness feeling manages to become perceptible, something very similar to dreams and that childhood nostalgia. In her work they all converge, as in the rivers’ delta, a delicate, unique style and a mixed technique that together function as windows to primordial sensations.

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