The dance of the bookworm: Max Ramos and the bookseller’s craft

Text by Mar Gámiz

Among all the vicissitudes that a book goes through, a bookworm holds a special place since the destruction it causes is, in fact, its own reading. It goes from one library to the next; it gobbles paper and ink to survive in dark and damps places. All at once, it is the bookseller’s representation and his bogey monster.

When it comes to booksellers, the Mexican bibliophile follows the tracks that the wise bookworm leaves on its way to Burroculto, where Max Ramos can be found. Once the meeting is set, the curious reader is welcomed as if he were entering Max’s home. He’ll prepare a fresh cup of coffee or offer a glass of wine to temper the reader’s excitement produced by simply being there, and allowing him to go through the crowded shelves of rare books, or to simply approach Max and blurt out the title of the book he has been searching for so long.

Max’s reading, rereading and coexistence with books has endowed him with the gift of conversation.  In this issue, Límulus shares a sample of his skill and a glimpse of Burroculto.

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