The pieces of the National Anthropology Museum (MNA) collection are so large and diverse that it becomes impossible to exhibit them entirely. As a visitor, one only sees a fraction of the enormous heritage and cannot imagine the amount of objects stored in the warehouses below the museum. Límulus had the chance to visit one of these spaces that preserves the history of Mexico.

José Antonio Pompa, director of the Physical Anthropology department of the Museum of Anthropology, opened the door to the heritage he custodies and gave us the tour of the boxes that contain human bones. To share this tour, photographer Alex Dorfsman prepared a photo essay:

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«We have over 20,000 boxes from all over Mexico and from different time periods. Skeletonized (dried bone) and mummified. »
—José Antonio Pompa

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«We have a section of pre Hispanic bones (protected under the heritage law). Any human remains previous to the arrival of the conquistadors are the property of the nation. The Anthropology and History Institute’s obligation is to preserve them, care for them, study and diffuse them.»

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«A skeleton is a book. The dead speak to you, you just have to understand their language.» 

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«What bones tell us can change with time and technological advances.»

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«We have the mutilated and pathological teeth collections and we have traces of terrible diseases.» 



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«To discover is to begin to begin to destroy. When you find human remains, you have to register everything perfectly because with one wrong move, you can change meaning.» 

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