Los LoosersFood on the Go

Text by Mar Gámiz

Would life be possible without movement? The answer seems obvious. But if we stop to think of how many manifestations of movement there are among us and the world and how diverse they are, we could hallucinate we’re being rocked by waves. A few meters below them, the limulus swims, moves, to feed because without its leg movement, it would not be able to chew on small clams and shellfish that make up a large part of its diet.

A few other meters away and out of the sea, Mariana Blanco and Yisus Pallares have pedaled a few kilometers on their bicycles, transporting vegan food they prepare to clients all over Mexico City. Their project is called “Los Loosers” (The Losers), alluding to how society perceives vegans. However, although they haven’t been opened for long, they’re so popular that in the span of an hour – from 9 to 10 am – you can no longer place an order on their social networks.

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In a city where veganism is, for the most part, an entelechy, Los Loosers have contributed to give it substance with their coming and going… a kind of substance made of cocoa and avocado brownies, pizza rolls with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and purslane, amaranth carrot paninis, among other creative and healthy delights. Contrary to what people think, being vegan does not mean being malnourished or sticking to a boring and tasteless diet.


Mariana and Yisus know they’re part of a movement that seeks to transmit through example. Their project is first and foremost an urban ecologic one, which according to Mariana uses “food as the hook” to attract people to lead healthy and conscious lives; it is not enough to read about the benefits of being vegan, conviction oftentimes comes after noticing that the flu or other sicknesses are no longer present in our bodies and we no longer need medicine after adopting these practices. Or that you’ve saved hundreds of pesos in food and you’re in a much better mood.


To be vegetarian is not remotely close to being vegan. For Los Loosers, vegetarians are not coherent and have not necessarily adopted a philosophy of life, as opposed to vegans. The latter try to act based on a number of solid values that seek to reshape a human’s life so that it is no longer based on animal submission. So much so that vegans avoid consuming products of animal origin at all costs (honey, wool, leather, beauty products, etc.) and animal tested products (like pharmaceuticals and pretty much all products found in markets).

Los Loosers recommend watching the documentary Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and music by Moby, to understand vegan life. All living beings are included under this “earthling” label: vertebrates, invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, birds, etc. What the documentary aspires to portray is that we all have the same right to inhabit the planet despite the greedy and selfish desire of human beings to rise above like a superior species.


Another recommendation is to not be fooled by the media who responds better to commercial interests than sanitary ones, and to constantly look for information on the origin of the products you consume. For example, Los Loosers have found their own organic suppliers, located in the town of San Gregorio, near Xochimilco in Mexico City. Mariana’s parents have a house in Cuernavaca where they planted fruit trees and cultivate herbs, and with some of their clients, their commercial relations are based on barter. Their shop is small and completely organic and sustainable.


With many odds against them (media disinformation, deficiency in the information on labels of product, social apathy, etc.), a journalist and a bicycle shop clerk decided to make a decisive move and shake off the frustration caused by the lack of vegan spots in the city. They understood that they could not get food without moving and hopped on their bikes. Their short term experience has allowed them to perceive the waves they’ve made based on the movement they’ve started: they’ve transmitted the impulse to others to change their diet and, and with that, their modus vivendi. They plan to set up up a place because, up to now, they continue to cook in their own kitchen. We hope that with the new place they can find a bit of peace in this new rhythm of movement, that will of course, continue to deliver by bicycle.


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