Intimate and gracious music Sofar Sounds México


For many, it might not be a secret where and when quality, free and intimate concerts take place in specific locations of Mexico City.

Yes, we’re referring to the concerts organized by Sofar Sounds, an idea that began in London in 2009 and that in less than 10 years, has extended to more than 50 countries. Ariana Arciniega brought it to Mexico, a melomaniac lawyer who dedicates most of her time enlivening party, because she’s also a DJ.

How do you find out about the upcoming events, you might ask. It’s simple, go to the Sofar webpage and sign up. The rest is a matter of time; you’ll receive an inbox at some point which will reveal the time and place of the concert, but not the band or the solo artist that will perform. The purpose is to discover not only artists, but a way to share music in a very different way than the conventional current concert.

Sofar Sounds Mexico has distributed a sample CD of the concerts that have taken place, however, below you will find a small music list created by Ariana to give the Límulus readers a little taste of this project.*

· Maqueta, White horse, México

· El triple filtro, Drifting, México


· Belafonte Sensacional, Como Kerouac On The Road, México


· The Plastics Revolution, So They Wait, México


·Seryn, We will all be changed, US/Dallas

*Special thanks to Roberto Lazzeri for allowing us to feature these bands.

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