#NaturalBornTerrorists Témoris Grecko

The Israeli member of Parliament Ayelet Shaked echoed what a considerable part of her countrymen think when she wrote that Palestinian mothers should “go to hell” because “behind every terrorist there are dozens of men and women.”

For a society to feel satisfied with the injustices committed in its name, it needs to be convinced that the enemy is of an inferior human quality. If Rwandan Hutus called Tutsis “cockroaches” during the genocide, many Israelis assume unequivocally that the Palestinians are all terrorists, no matter what their age. In this way they may inflict a bloody collective punishment on innocent civilians without feeling guilty, and even confess the slaughter of children and women as a necessary action.

Témoris Grecko, an independent Mexican journalist who, besides writing takes pictures, was in Gaza during the previous war and took advantage to look for these #NaturalBornTerrorists, or “terrorists by birth,” to show them to the world in all their dreadful perversion.

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Future mothers of suicide bombers laugh in the Orthodox Church in Gaza, where conscienceless priests gave them asylum. #NaturalBornTerrorists


A fearsome baldy and his comrades were discovered while hiding in a public park, opposite the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City. #NaturalBornTerrorists


The sword of Saladin in a makeshift camp for terrorists whose homes were destroyed by the Israeli army because they were hiding high-tech weaponry like this. #NaturalBornTerrorists


Another evidence that the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza houses enemy combatants, ready to terrorize Israeli towns with homemade rockets. #NaturalBornTerrorists


A dangerous enemy combatant dressed as a friendly kitten dressed in Beit Lahiya. Beware! #NaturalBornTerrorists


The latest in terrorist engineering: girl disguised as a bear manipulates bear disguised as girl with powerful bomb at the UN school, Jabaliya. #NaturalBornTerrorists


A mother holds a future enemy combatant who escaped a justified Israeli attack at the UN school in Jabaliya. #NaturalBornTerrorists


Palestinian women hold competitions in which the winners are those who train the most terrorist children. #NaturalBornTerrorists


Armored transport vehicle full of terrorist militants. #NaturalBornTerrorists


Fighters retire from the battlefield waiting for the time to come back to attack treacherously with their ultramodern weapons. #NaturalBornTerrorists


A terrorist who tries to deceive us with his appearance as a refugee child, examines the damage inflicted on his terrorist headquarters – itself disguised as a UN school – by an Israeli attack that left 17 civilians dead and 105 wounded in Jabaliya on July 30th. Thus, he learns things that no child should learn. #NaturalBornTerrorists


The tragedy of the destroyers is the threat of reconstruction: the strong get weak before the supposed weak who find the force that make them superior in their determination. The #NaturalBornTerrorists only terrorize terrorism, because they will always be able to emerge from the ashes of their land: faced with terror, they oppose the power of the human will. “We must sleep with open eyes, we must dream with our hands, let us dream active dreams like a river seeking its riverbed, dreams of the sun dreaming up its worlds, we must dream aloud with raised voices, we must sing until the song shoots forth roots, trunk, branches, birds, stars, sing until the dream conceives in the sleeper’s side the red bud of resurrection.” –Octavio Paz

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