Infinite Country Héctor Galván

Héctor Galván, multidisciplinary and hedonistic, had us over in his workshop. We spoke about how globalization has erased (or tried to erase) the historical, culinary, and social characteristics, among others, that make up Mexico as a multicultural nation. In the video below, we hear his point of view on the matter, where Galván reminds us that at the heart of every creative idea lies the return to the origin.

Infinite Country Héctor Galván from Limulus on Vimeo.

Héctor Galván (Tampico, 1965) began his career designing textiles for Italian fashion companies. At the beginning of his work, he also experimented with folk Mexican fashion and textile recycling. Between 2005 and 2008, he was the director of fashion and textiles of Centro, Escuela de Diseño, Cine y TV. He has designed exhibits for Stefan Sagmeister, Mizhohiro Nara (PUMA), Fotografía alemana, Africa en nosotros, as well as the museology of Absolut Gaultier (Leyds) in the Museo Nacional de Arte. His best-known projects are: fashion, styling & uniforms of the Hotel Condesa DF; interior design of the Hotel Deseo; interior and furniture design of the Hotel Básico. Héctor is now working on a broad spectrum of design, including Food Culture, Hospitality, Industrial Products, Interior Design, Museum Studies, Historic Renovation and Economic Strategies.*

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* Taken from the Omelette press kit, La casa tropical.

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