Pedro Meyer And the vision of reality

Text by Mar Gámiz

As a living fossil, the limulus presents itself as a being whose shape fools (and at the same time enchants) our sight. There’s no one better suited than Pedro Meyer to make us notice the true appearance of reality, especially the one portrayed through photography. A tireless heretic, Meyer distinguishes himself by maintaining a critical, and at the same time, visionary view: he held the first online exhibit in 60 museums around the world simultaneously; he created the website, a prodigious digital archive of photographs that remains active and updated; and now he is preparing to open a museum that questions (in itself) the conception of what we know as a museum up to now.

After travelling all this way, today, Pedro Meyer affirms that the main focus of his agenda is education. Hence the creation of his Pedro Meyer Foundation in 2007, which focuses on spreading his thoughts and training the new generations of photographers, regardless of their nationality. It was there, in a fresh and cozy house in the neighborhood of Coyoacan, where Límulus interviewed him and this is what he shared with us.


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