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About Limulus

Límulus is an online publication that portrays Mexico through different scopes and formats. It is a cultural platform that reveals the people and the various agents that make up this country. Mexico is indeed going through a phase of creative effervescence thanks to a wide variety of projects that are developed on a daily basis. In the long run, its goal is to become a living collection of professions and jobs, constantly emphasizing creativity, imagination and innovation as the driving forces for positive change in society.

Culture is not entertainment for Límulus; it is more like gymnastics for our consciousness and a propellant for innovation in different sectors: economic, social and educational.

The name of the magazine comes from a marine arthropod, limulus polyphemus, also known as the“Atlantic horseshoe crab.” It has several eyes divided in groups, allowing it to perceive various aspects of reality to function in different environments. The limulus’ eyes are a metaphor for this publication’s editorial line, which portrays different views on diverse subjects, through the perception of its people. Límulus is founded on the accumulation of points of view in everyday life, an infinite heritage of perspectives: it is a project of convergence and conjunction. Additionally, the limulus is one of the few living organisms known as “living fossils;” because it is very resistant, and hence, hasn’t had the need to evolve or adapt any aspect of its composition in 350 million years. Based on this virtue of transcending through time, we think of our publication as a space where generations interact. A compilation of ideas that will survive despite the changing trends.

Because of its antiquity, limulus polyphemus has gathered large amounts of information from its surroundings. These data cores, be they biological, mythological or historical, structure the publication through monthly topics that emerge from the animal’s characteristics.

We look for the best motivation for every piece, to make the most of the communication possibilities offered by the digital media. This media “game” allows us to explore the scope of cultural journalism, combining old tools with new ones and exploring the possibilities of technology.

About us

Andrea Ruy Sánchez @andrearuy

Priscila Vanneuville palabraslugar.tumblr


Agradecemos especialmente el apoyo y entusiasmo de Ernesto Miranda, César Moheno, Arturo Saucedo, Andrés Palma, Alex Dorsfman, Alberto Ruy Sánchez, Margarita de Orellana, Francisco Roberto Pérez, Benjamín Mayer Foulkes y Enrique Macías.