If Mexico City differentiates itself from other cities it is because of its commotion (social, cultural, intellectual, artistic), it is a vast city where days explode from overload. Amongst the diverse daily activities, music is essential. For those interested, there’s nothing new about reading that at least one Mexican band performs every day. It isn’t news either to read the desperate comments of the public asking for information on days, times and places of the gig. To alleviate the communication bias, Andrea López Estrada and Sofía Butirón created “Sonidos Cercanos” (Close Sounds), a webpage (with its corresponding social networks) where they share photos and biographies of bands that are happening.

Andrea López prepared the following playlist for Límulus:



Felipe el Hombre, Mareo

Native of Casas grandes, Chihuahua, this band has already settled in Mexico City. Their music flows from the noise to the chaos of the city and the golden and warm tunes of their hometown. Mario Murillo, Alejandro Flores and Daniel Pliego keep their music on simple, accepting the “rock” label without ambition. “Mareo” is their latest single, prior to their last album, which will be released in the coming months.


VenisonLight Up the World

This band rescues elements of nineties Brit rock and punk. Their sound is fresh given the fact that they’re a young band (not only because of the time they’ve been together, but because none are above 20). “Light up the world” is the song that entitles their first EP.


Jean Loup, The Ventriloquist

A band that has made its way in the city’s indie circuit despite being from the north of the country, where there aren’t many venues or events where bands can perform. Jean Loup’s charm resides in its live gigs, which is why many YouTube channels and music websites have recorded a few sessions for those that are not willing to venture to remote places in the city.


Rodeo Way, Lombardo

Rodeo Way’s music has characteristics that turn them (discretely) into one of the best bands in the making, not only in Mexico City. Their sound has helped them earn their place and represent Mexico in Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec. A mix of complex sounds that work perfectly with songs that can be danced to and harmonious as well as strong. “Lombardo” is the first single from their EP Forever Frontera, a song that has broken many hearts.


The Plastics Revolution, Invasion

One of the finest indie pop/rock. The Plastics are excellent musicians and one of the best bands to export at the moment. Currently, they’re working on what will be their third LP. They already have a fantastic career path with only two albums, the new one having high expectations. “Invasión” is the first single from their album King Bono vs los Flight Simulators and is one of the most beautiful songs that exist.


Vyctoria, Destellos

A band that can only be defined as “experimental” due to the mix of elements with which they create their music. Raucous guitars often contrasted by subtle harmonies. “Destellos” is one of the four singles included in their debut EP.


Haciendo el mal, Tengo que decirte

It is a complex band, to the extent that they incorporate organic and electronic elements in complex pieces that use unusual elements like the achordeon and cello to create wonderful pop folk. “Hoy quiero decirte” is a perfect example of their music and how the different elements work in their songs.


Belafonte SensacionalValedor

One of the most fun bands, which are always a delight to hear (especially live). Belafonte is also an impressive conjunction of stories, sounds, music styles so varied that they can only result in a colorful feast. “Valedor” is one of their feature songs.


Coyoli, Festina

Coyoli is Óscar Coyoli’s project with which he gives voice and music to various colors and images. Experimental folk that he recreates in atmospheres charged with melancholy. Currently, Coyoli is also working on his third album. He collaborated with Juan Manuel Torreblanca in “Festina.”


Fishlights, Shore

It is Fernando Heftye’s (The Plastics Revolution) project. Fishlights’ music is full of iridescent hues of dream pop, which also play with experimental sound. “Shores” is one of the best examples of the beauty of this project.


Jvne, Parks

It’s a project that is literally coming out of its cocoon. They’re about to release their debut album and are letting their music speak for them. “Parks” is the first single that they’ve launched from their first album.


El triple filtro, I Wasn’t Ready

It is wonderful to listen to Triple Filtro, not only because of their ability to recreate sounds live, but also for Niki Nakazawa’s voice. R&B that flirts with trip-hop, although they describe their music as “Power Pop.” “I wasn’t ready” is the last single they promote in their EP Drifting which leads to their upcoming album that will be released in what’s left of the year.

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