Taiwán, Mekong Lorena Huitrón Vázquez

Poems: Lorena Huitrón Vázquez
Photos: David Victory Pineda/ Illustrations: Adriana Campos Hierro


Peces Convoy(Convoy fishes), from El sentimiento de lo fantástico (The Fantastic Felling)

A heart is multiple of beta fishes.

Which justifies the excessive palpitation.

Which justifies that when uniting one heart with another

They try to tare their fins to shreds.

Nobody knows the danger of bringing this species together.

Sometimes they cannot be together.

That’s why so many men and women get their hearts broken.


They are Siam fighters.

Their chest is not enough to contain their swim.

One fish looks at the other one but that other fish looks for some other trip.

The chest is not enough to contain two or more male fish.

They can kill each other.

But the heart is noble.


Beta fish attack those who aren’t compatible with them.

In just one place different fish do not understand each other.

To gather more than one heart with more than one fish brings with it

The loss of one or more than one.

It causes pain and compression when someone hurts us.


The B-splendens breathe out of water.

Outside and inside the heart go the fighters of Siam.

They go slowly or fast.

Therefore one has surprises

O rejects the grief.

Perhaps the inlet and outlet of the fish’s aorta

are a motives of wanting to forget any punishment when getting up.


Beta fish are like paradise fish.

Two don’t fit in the same aquarium.

They come from Mekong and Taiwan.

One draws the affections in several parts,

Almost all of them distant from our birthplace.

So far to be able to abandon them

When they are upseting, when someone betrays us,

Or get them together because we need blunt shadows

In order to shake off the dirt that others throw into us.

Lorena Huitrón Vázquez studied Hispanic Language and Literature at the Universidad Veracruzana. She has published Parábola de lo desconocido (Parable of the Unknown) (2012) and Erigir una fortaleza (To Build a Fortress) (2013).

David Victory Pineda studied Advertising at the Universidad Veracruzana. It is an Art Director by Underground School of Advertising in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently the creative director and photographer for 1983 and Jorongo Films.

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