Triángulos Daniel Avilés

«There are certain patterns in our lives that go unnoticed and challenge our logical perception on things: cause and effect of time and space.

To understand and analyze these patterns widens our outlook on the world and allows us to perceive truths that emerge around us.

This piece is a reflection on the relationship that exists between the physical and the emotional within us. It is transcribed through the repetitive use of geometric forms and shades of color that intertwine, creating various aesthetic and emotional possibilities.»

Daniel Avilés

danielaviles1 danielaviles2 danielaviles3




Technique: Ink, Watercolor, Digital Retouching; 32 x 41.5 cm; 2013

Daniel Avilés currently lives and works in Mexico City. He co founded the design agency UFFA( and likes to paint, draw and make music. For more information on this series, contact him at

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