FRAGMENTS Martirene Alcántara

The dictionary definition of a fragment is: “a part or small portion broken off, detached or incomplete or, a piece of an artist’s creation.” But Martirene’s fragments are not parts or pieces of creations; they are entire pieces, complete. Intelligent, moderate pieces, full of delicate and soothing poetry that can only be a product of the happiness that making them gives her. Lacking any pretension whatsoever, her pieces are light, lines, color and time detained. And they show the mature eye of an artist at her fullest that does not wait behind the lens, she goes out looking for her creations. 

—Rene T. Môr

Martirene Alcántara was born in Mexico City, June 2nd 1965. Her interest in the visual arts began since she was young. As the daughter of artists, she was always connected to the visual world.

She attended the Architecture School of the UNAM, where she was fascinated by the light, shadows and lines that defined architecture, and began to build up patience to wait for the right moment to capture the light that designs a new space. Two years later, she took art classes at UCLA, and later went to College of Marin in northern California, where she worked as assistant photographer to Prof. Polly Stainmetz. In 1992, she received her first photography award from the Student Art Exhibit and three years in a row, received the LA County Photography Juried Exhibition award. In 1993, she had her first individual show at Stanford University and obtained Honorary Mention at Mill Valley, California, during the National Photography Month. In 1996, she won a scholarship from the US-Mexican Culture Trust to do her project “The Franciscan Missions of Brother Juniper Serra,” with a text she also wrote for her book published by CONACULTA, in the Circle of Art Collection. In 2000 she attended the photography school EFTI-Casa de Imagen in Spain. She was recently awarded with a FONCA-CONACYT scholarship to do an artistic residence in France in the fall of 2012.

Since 1990, she has participated in various international exhibits, most recently in the Festival Lettres d’Autômne in France, with her exhibit “Mogador.” Her work has been published by many museums in Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Mexico, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome, among others, as well as by international editorials like Jaca Books, Könemann, Loft, Turner, Artes de México, 2G and many more. Through the years, she has travelled to Europe, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Singapore, US and Mexico for her photography projects.

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